At Box Water Housings we believe the underwater world is what keeps the Earth in balance and that it should be seen by everyone. We are committed to develop high quality custom underwater housings for photographers and videomakers who want to take their image production to the next level.
Carbon fiber is our trademark and it ensures the strength, toughness and unique look of our housings.

Box Water Housings was first started by professional surf photographer Everton Luis, who found a continuing need for improvement on the water housings available at the time.
Working closely with the best photographers in the world, he searched amongst his fellow work mates their main issues with their water equipment and manually started putting all the needs together in a single housing.

water housings
First BOX prototype made from teak wood

In early 2012, the first piece of what would later become Box Water Housings came out as a flash housing, designed to be used either attached to the camera housing or apart. With the success of the flash system then came the first sample of the actual BOX Water Housing, totally handmade and yet with some great improvements to be done.

In 2015, after three years of deep research and testing, the first edition of BOX Water Housings was released- the Black Pro Model- a housing designed to accommodate the needs of most of sports photographers, with some unique features not yet presented in any other housing brand.

Sketch of the first Compact Pro housing

Since then, our team has been striving to keep up with the quality needed to help our clients in getting the best possible images.

We currently have three basic housing models, each to fit specific camera sizes, and custom built to specific camera dimensions in strong carbon fiber and epoxy resin. Every housing comes with an interchangeable back plate system allowing them to be used with a wide range of camera bodies.

The lens ports are all with glass element and we are proud to have the only domes in the market with optical glass quality element, ensuring unique top-quality images.

Because BOX Water Housings are designed by photographers to photographers of several different genres of photography such as surfing, ocean lifestyle, fashion, water sports, sailing, snow sports, and more, we understand our customer’s demand for quick, personalized and reliable service, and are always willing to help you get the right products to produce the images you desire.

BOX Water Housing founders Everton Luis and Vica Moraes